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About Home Holds

I am David- David Valle, 34 years old, behind this website main key. I am a professional web programmer mainly. I do PHP based works on online as a full time freelancer.

And my wife is Cynthia, 30 years old, the second key person of homeholds.com. She is a teacher.

We love traveling and reading. Each month we do a tour and each week we read 2 books. We have no kid. And we have no servant. We love to do our home works by sharing basis. That is really fun.

We will share with you of our family life experiences.

And in this website, we mainly write on top 10 list we are using in our personal life. Also we will give you huge information on basic family/home life.

And if you purchase anything by clicking any product in this website, we will get a small commission. But you will be not charged for this.

Affiliation: Amazon Affiliate Program

Website: HomeHolds.com

Contact Info: You can reach us using the Contact form.

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