2019 Reviews: Best Cordless Drill


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Everything that you need to find out about a cordless drill is written here. We have revealed some of the best cordless drills and its benefits for the users. Moreover, we conclude that this tool isn’t only for construction workers but also for everyday chores in many ways.

It could be for anyone that has something to fix such as furniture, or in adding a décor in a room.

A drill is indeed a handy tool when in any home improvement project. This device creates holes and even screw drives.

There are many types of drills, and each is intended for functions.

Let’s get started by outlining the suitable cordless drill for you with these eight reviewed items.

NameBattery IncludedWeight 
Milwaukee M18 2605-22Yes15.45 lbs
DEWALT DC825B Cordless Impact DriverNo2.2 lbs
Makita XRH01T Rotary Hammer DrillYes19 lbs
Dewalt DCD771C2 Cordless Drill KitYes3.64 lbs
BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill / DriverYes3.4 lbs
VonHaus Cordless Drill Driver SetYes6.45 lbs
Pink Power Drill PP182Yes7 lbs
DEWALT DCH273P2 Hammer DrillYes11.68 lbs

DEWALT DC825B Cordless Impact Driver

DEWALT is becoming popular as a cordless drill manufacturer, yet their pricing is still at a lower range. Consequently, almost all of the models under DEWALT have differences and have proven their efficacy in all conditions.

Now, let’s talk more about the DC825B which is the most budget-friendly among the cordless drill listed.

This gear could be useful for medium-duty materials through the help of 18v NiCad battery (not included together with the charger) as it renders a variable speed ranging 2400 rpm and 2700 rpm which is fast enough to drill concrete. However, DC825B is still a lightweight tool in spite of its capability.

When holding it, there’s an anti-slip feature for easy gripping and thus prevents discomfort at work.

Through 1330-inch-per-pound torque, the speed can be easily adjusted from light to medium.

The DC825B is made of a combination of magnesium and metal to achieve its robustness. Moreover, brushes are replaceable for easy cleaning and to be more effective when drilling.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Fast speed range
  • Well-structured


  • No other tools included

Milwaukee M18 2605-22 Hammer Drill

Milwaukee M18 2605-22 is not only a hammer drill but also a rotary hammer and a rotary drill.

These modes depend on situational usage and therefore benefit all construction site workers.

It is a lightweight drill which can be easily carried at work that it can even drill hard concrete materials.

Hammering the target concrete is quickly done with 1.8 ft.-Lbs of energy potency and 0-1,400 rpm. Also, the anti-vibration system is present to maintain focus while drilling.

It requires two 18-volts of batteries for it to function well on heavy-duty concrete materials. Moreover, it can be brought to any project area with the help of its aluminum housing which is durable enough to uphold the tool.

An additional feature is the REDLINK PLUS for overloading or overheating protection that extends the life of the device. In addition to the main


  • Multiple drilling modes
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Good for heavy-duty materials


  • Nothing to mention

Makita XRH01T Rotary Hammer Drill

You can fix it anything by yourself with even less knowledge about a hammer drill by using Makita XRH01T Rotary Hammer Drill.

Makita XRH01T is the perfect tool for small tasks at home that functions in two modes, a rotary hammer drill, and rotary drill.

A hammer drill is a tool for drilling hard materials while rotary drill mode makes bigger holes, thus more powerful than a hammer drill.

It is powered by a brushless motor of the same brand and delivers 0-4,700 BPM, 950 RPM, and 2.0 Joules energy waves.

A brushless motor lessens the cleaning process after work. In case of bit bind, the Torque Limiting Clutch will automatically detach the tool on the material without leaving damage.

There’s a unique feature that enhances the experience in drilling materials, and that is the Dust Management System; wherein it reduces dust being produced by the drill.

It is sold separately, however, there are three things to consider before getting one, which are: knowing the type of drill to be used, choosing the best dust extraction attachment and dust extractor, and buying some connection accessories.

When using the Dust Management System, an improvement in the tool’s mobility is seen as specks of dust are automatically removed from it.


  • Dual mode
  • Run by a brushless motor
  • Dust Management System is present


  • An extra battery is needed

Dewalt DCD771C2 Cordless Drill Kit

Dewalt is known as one of the most trustworthy drill manufacturers, and they even offer the best cordless drill under $100.

The quality of the product isn’t compromised; instead, it exceeds the expectation while still being a budget-friendly cordless drill. 

The drill is both compact and lightweight resulting to a more convenient long day use as if you could work with one hand.

Utilizing a 300-watt motor with two-speed ranges of 450 rpm and 1500 rpm for both fastening and drilling, the drill is faster than other pricier brands.

It is constructed with an ergonomic handle for greater comfort. The item also comes with 20v Li-On battery; however, its battery life cannot last a long time and hence obtaining another set of a battery is recommended.

DCD771C2 is still the most affordable cordless drill in spite of having an unreliable battery life.

This is because of how excellent the speed motor is, and it can function well in tight areas because of its firmness.


  • Very affordable cordless drill
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast speed ranges


  • Battery life is short

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill / Driver

Another affordable cordless drill item. There is no need for paying too much to obtain your cordless drill.

For less than a hundred bucks you’ll get the job done throughout a project in a construction site, and even at home assembly tasks.

It is designed to be a user-friendly as the tool is convenient and doesn’t cause fatigue on the user. Furthermore, LDX120C is fit to use in tight workplaces because of its compactness, therefore, moving without obstruction at work is permissible.

Through 20v Li-On battery it produces a motor speed of 650 rpm which is suitable for heavy-duty concretes.

It is appropriate for any drilling materials with the help of 12 position clutch.

The package includes one double-ended bit for better and more effective drilling of holes.


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Good for heavy-duty drilling materials
  • Very affordable


  • Shorter battery life than other options

VonHaus Cordless Drill Driver Set

In the lookout for more budget-friendly tools, this reasonably priced cordless drill is counted in the list.

There are specs not yet seen on prior products that are to be seen on the VonHaus Drill Set that is significantly favorable for users.

It is possible to choose between hammer and drill function depending on the work to be done.

These options are an advantage to lessen the cost of purchasing another tool kit. It also runs on a 20v Li-On battery rendering a range of 440 rpm and 1650 rpm variable speed which is suitable for harder drilling materials.

Using one-hand at work is favorable as the tool is light and has a reversible button to switch from one mode into another. Besides, it has LED light for shadowy workplaces to see the materials clearer.

Moreover, VonHaus comes with all the tools needed in one purchase. The devices include 12 drill bits together with a tool bag for safer storage.

A fast charger is also added which charges the drill in less than an hour. Everything can be bought within the desired budget.


  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Budget-friendly


  • Slower speed range compared to other products

Pink Power Drill PP182 Cordless Electric Drill Driver Set for Women

Some women are part of the home improvement team, and there’s a cordless drill made specifically for them.

Acquiring a pink cordless drill with reasonable price is now possible. Women consumers kiddingly said that their husbands aren’t able to use this drill and hence becomes a more personal tool for them.

The tool is colored with pink and a touch of black and weighs less than 4 lbs (including the battery) which is a feminine-friendly spec.

An 18v of NiCad battery runs a speed up to 550 rpm which is slower than the others but can drill a heavy-duty material. It comes with 13 pieces of bits and a driver set that proves its versatility and affordability.

There’s a LED light that automatically turns on whenever the tool is turned on and it is helpful in a dark workplace to locate the object to be drilled.
Special features include a magnetic base and bubble level.

The magnetic base prevents screws or nails from falling on the ground as it catches them up.

The bubble level provides more accurate measurement while drilling, comparable to tools used by other construction workers.


  • Perfect for women
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Had so many new features yet affordable


  • May be awkward to be used by men

DEWALT DCH273P2 Hammer Drill

Here comes DeWalt again on this list, and this time with a cordless hammer drill.

This tool is very useful in drilling concrete and being cordless is a plus for there’s no tangling of wire would happen.

The Dewalt DCH273P2 is powered by two 20-volt batteries which are included in what you’ve paid.

It functions in three modes, including a standard drill for chipping, and a hammer drill for hard materials.

This cordless hammer drill is structured with a brushless motor for longer effectiveness and extended life — a brushless motor results in a more compact and lightweight drill, both characteristics that are desirable by many drillers.

There’s an active vibration system that lessens quivering while at work, resulting in more steady drilling.

To achieve its condition as a cordless drill, 2.1 Joules energy powers the tool so that it becomes needless of an extended cord and it last longer than other drills.


  • Side handle and a charger is included
  • Constructed with brushless motor
  • Longer battery life


  • Pricier than other DEWALT models

Cordless Drill Reviews: Factors You Need to Know

Did you know that a cordless drill was usually designed as a heavy tool run by nickel cadmium battery? As time goes by, many manufacturers have developed more compact cordless drills now run by lithium-ion battery.

However, some producers still prefer the NiCad battery because it is more affordable compared to a Li-On battery.

Cordless drills are complicated tools use by construction site experts or even beginners.

Knowing it only by name will not guarantee its proper functioning and expected work capacity. However, digging a more profound knowledge about this gear is recommended to know more about it and to be more aware of how it works.

Especially for those first-time buyers of a drill, some factors are needed to be considered while looking for the best cordless drill in the market.

Terms and Definition

The following terms may confuse buyers. Therefore, knowing these terms will make a huge difference in purchasing a cordless drill. Please read and understand their part on a drill.

Best Cordless Drill in Action

RPM (Rotation per minute): This shows the maximum speed capability of a drill that can be switched from low to high speed with the help of the torque.
BPM (Blow per minute): This is an essential factor for Rotary drills. It measures the number of times the piston hits a surface when going back and forth.
Torque: You can adjust the rotation speed through it.
Keyless chuck: It is where the bit is attached and it is important not to be wobbled. You better check its size before buying to avoid wobbling.
Bit: It is a metal stick that is attached to a chuck.

Factors to be considered

Before having the best cordless drill, the following factors must be taken into consideration:
Size and weight. Look for a compact and lightweight cordless drill for convenient usage.
Battery life. The life of the tool depends on its battery. Read feedbacks about the drill’s battery life, it helps.
Speed settings. Drill speed is vital for the level of the task. Faster speed refers to harder materials.
LED light. Not at all times, you work in full of light workplace thus having a LED light attach on your gear is recommended.

Cordless Drill Vs. Corded Drill

Cordless Hammer Drill is generally used by construction workers as a tool for drilling steel, wood, and even softer materials.

It pierces a hole of about an inch and also sinks screws into a material. Mostly, it came with brushless motors which only demands low maintenance, and it lasts longer.

Cordless drill used in different surfaces

A corded Drill is a tool cheaper than a cordless one. It is run by a motor power that demands the use of power supply.

They are usually lighter in weight.

Different Modes of Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is somewhat versatile that it can work well in different modes.

Therefore in purchasing a drill, there are surprising functions aside from drilling mode to be encountered.

Screw driving mode: It fastens screws into furniture at home or other materials. This is an advantageous mode of every drill as it is commonly needed.
Hammer drilling mode: This mode doesn’t require the use of clutch settings. It is typically used on harder materials.
Rotary drilling mode: This mode is applied in making holes may it be on doors, a wall to hang a picture frame, or for walls to uphold a curtain.
Rotary hammer-drilling mode: A combination of rotary and hammer drilling mode. This mode is the most potent drilling mode as it has SDS chuck.

Cordless Brushed Drill versus Cordless Brushless Drill

A brush motor is only a part of a cordless drill; however, its importance is argued by many. Which one is better on a cordless drill?

Since the brushless motor is getting popular these days, it many advocate that it works better than a brushed motor.

The brushes in a drill sometimes cause overheating, and therefore impacting maintenance costs. Moreover, a brushless motor results in a lighter and more compact drill; making in turn the carrying and transportation of the tool easier.

Brushless have a longer battery life than the other alternative.

Battery Voltage: 12v vs. 18v vs. 20v vs. 36v

Batteries are used to run a cordless drill and the voltage needed depends on the work to be done. Battery voltages available are 12v, 18v, 20v, and 36v.

For lighter tasks, a 12v drill is sufficient. In between light duty and heavy duty task, 18v, 20v, or in between voltage drill is recommended.

Cordless drill

Therefore, 36v drills are for quick, heavy-duty drilling task and even screw driving works.

In terms of pricing, the lower voltage bears a lower cost than the higher voltage. However, the longevity of its battery life depends on how high the voltage is. Therefore the longer the battery life you wanted, the larger the cost it demands.


There are many drill options in the market and choosing the best of them all may be difficult, and could also take a lot of time to figure out.

We consider these to be some of the best cordless drills out there, and hope to make your decision a little easier.

One thing is for sure, a cordless drill is a must-have tool at every home, since there isn’t always someone around who would do the drilling for you.

The DEWALT DCD795D2 Hammer Drill is picked as the best all round cordless hammer drill because of the positive feedbacks coming from its users and no doubt on its capability to drill a material.

While our best pick as the best cordless drill under $100 without compromising performance is the DEWALT DC825B Cordless Impact Driver. Most of the DEWALT drill models are pocket-friendly, but this one delivers great quality and performance in spite of its price.

Some of the factors that you need to know are also discussed above, so that you avoid purchasing the wrong drill model.

One of the featured Cordless Drill

In the end there is always a drill that will fit your particular need. We hope we have made the process a little easier, and you’ve come to realize how beneficial it is to have your cordless drill in your toolbox.

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