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10 Things You Should Know Before Buying An Automatic Gate Opener

Buy Automatic Gate OpenerAutomatic gate openers are an excellent security measure and time saver.

No longer do people have to waste time walking to their gates just to let in visitors.

Gate openers are especially beneficial for the elderly or disabled, who may have trouble walking to the gate.

Others simply desire the gate for added protection for their homes and businesses. No matter the reason, this device is ideal in offering security.

However, although gate openers are very useful. Many potential buyers don’t know much about gate openers. Before diving in to make the purchase. Knowing certain factors:

  • such as price
  • could help people understand which openers would be a good fit for them.

Below are the top ten things that one should know before buying an automatic gate opener.

1. It Has to be the Correct Size

The right size is the main factor of a gate opener. So try to know when buying an automatic gate opener is if it is the right size for your gate. Each auto gate openers in general are designed to only work for gates of a certain weight. It can depend on the material of which the gate is made.

For example, wrought iron gates are very heavy. So openers may not work for them. Buyers should always check their gate’s weight prior to purchasing an opener.

2. It Needs to Fit the Budget

Price is the another important factor to buying a gate opener. So be sure about the price. Because many of them come in systems. And gate openers can be very expensive, costing upwards of hundreds of dollars.

They are expensive because there are different kinds of systems, ranging from gate openers that slide in order to open to those that pull apart to open. The ones that lift can cost $500 while the ones that slide can cost over $1000.

3. Gate Openers Require Maintenance

No matter how much pricey your gate opener. You must need maintenance your gate opener regular. If gate openers break, they must be fixed. Like with most technology, openers cease to function overtime. The good thing, however, is that there is always a way to fix a malfunction.

Automatic gate openers are vulnerable to cold weather and low temperatures. Metal components will contract as the temperature drops, and unless one is using a gate that is only intended for lower temperatures. The grease will thicken as well. These things make it harder for the gate to move and open more power.

There are two ways to fix this problem:

  1. Disconnect the cables from the battery and then the ends of the cables as well as from the battery terminals.
  2. If the battery is made of metal, take some Styrofoam insulation. And apply a thin layer of it onto the bottom and the sides of the box.

4. There are Laws Surrounding Automatic Gate Openers

There are quite a few legal codes that come with owning auto gate openers. Gate opener safety is an important requirement that should never be overlooked and should always be taken seriously.

One of these codes are called the Local Fire Codes. Local Fire Codes are codes that regional and local fire departments make themselves that are to be followed. These codes enforce that automatic gates must have a minimum clearance of the gate opening so that they can access the property in the case of an emergency.

Electrical Codes often apply to automated driveway gate installation. Generally, the electrical supply for the gate will need to be performed by a qualified electrician and, in some jurisdictions, the low voltage control wiring for the gate. This will complete an electrician.

5. They Should Only Be Purchased out of Necessity

One should be completely sure that he wants an auto gate opener before buying and installing one. Gate openers are necessities. If there is no real need for a gate opener, then one should not be purchased.

There have been instances of people getting injured and even killed by not using an automatic gate opener correctly. These are rare happenings, however, but serve as a reminder for buyers to treat them seriously and not play around with them. Treat gate openers as the necessities that they are and nothing less.

6. Determine if the Opener Should be ADA Compliant

Although people in wheelchairs are often accompanied by others. Sometimes they enjoy a stroll through their neighborhoods alone. That said, they may even stop to visit family and friends who have set up automatics gate openers. People who have gate openers should ensure that the disabled is able to get in and out of the gate safely.

If for some reason a person in a wheelchair falls over or gets stuck, homeowners and business owners should ensure that the gate will not hit that individual while it is opening or closing. If no one is at the gate when it is opening or closing for the handicapped, then it should be ensured that the gate is safe for them to go through alone.

7. Take All Measures to Avoid Electrical Shock

People should be careful when bringing liquid of any kind around an automatic gate opener. If one decides to upgrade his gate using technology, he should know that water or other kinds of liquid that is spilled on the electric parts is putting him in the dangerous position of getting fatally shocked.

Also, if liquid is accidentally spilled on any electric parts, the gate opener could become damaged. Damaged parts require money and time to repair.

8. A Camera is a Great Companion

Cameras provide extra security and even more convenience with an automatic gate. They work well when coupled with auto gate openers. Although gate openers free people from having to manually open a gate, cameras are what can confirm identity.

This is an era full of scammers and predators. Even though some technology allow home and business owners to speak to whoever is on the other side of the gate. Some predators – such as burglars – can easily use a kidnapped individual who the homeowner knows and trusts to speak into the voice box to put the homeowner at ease so that the gate will be opened.

Also, many robbers would want homeowners to walk to the gate because they know that’s when they can pull a gun on them. Subsequently robbing people or forcing their way into the home. With the use of a recording camera, you can verify identity and rule out suspicious activity and characters.

9. Not Everyone Can Install Them

Automatic gate openers can only be installed if you are a homeowner. Apartments or even two-sided apartments aren’t allowed to have auto gate openers unless the apartment owner, himself, has approved of the improvements. Tenants don’t own the apartment, so they can’t decide to put up this improvement.

10. Be Careful When Backing Out of the Drive

Don’t be a speed demon when driving. People want automatic gate openers to work for them, not against them. Therefore, people with gate openers should be careful when they are exiting the gate to ensure that it is working properly.

To get the most out of an automatic gate opener, ensure that it is adding to your life, not taking from it. Automatic gate/door openers sometimes malfunction, causing the gate to not open completely and to stop abruptly. People should wait for the gate to completely open before driving through it to ensure that they and their cars come out of the other end without a scratch.


These were 10 of the top things that people should know before buying an automatic gate opener. Technology is an amazing thing and has improved the way that people live their lives.

Even something as seemingly trivial as gates opening automatically add value to people’s lives and make them easier.

Taking heed to these things will help people to be well on their way to becoming well-educated new owners of automatic gate openers.

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