Drill attachments: Useful Accessories and Extensions


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It goes without saying that a drill is a convenient tool. It does its job well and is very reliable.

Simply, when it comes to drilling holes, a good drill won’t fail you. However, you might think that a drill can only do just that.

You’d be glad to know that more than just making holes, a drill can do vastly more with drill attachments.

Over time, more and more drill attachments have become available to the market.

Although it would be perfect to have all of them, you’re only going to get the ones that you need.

Certain drill attachments can be handy. In fact, you might already need them. If not, perhaps in the future. You might be surprised just how a drill attachment can become a game changer.

Here’s a list of 7 drill attachments that are sure to make your drill very versatile and more useful than it already is.

Screwdriver Magnetic Ring

Sometimes, it’s just not comfortable to use the drill while holding the screw in place at the same time.

There might even be times wherein it’s nearly impossible because you also have to hold the item you are going to screw in place.

You only have two hands, and that may not always be enough to hold the drill, the screw and the item you are going to secure in place. If you don’t have someone to help you out, you might not be able to get the job done.

This would not be a problem though if you have a drill attachment that can help you out, so you no longer have to keep the screw in place.

A screwdriver magnetic ring does precisely that. With it, screws are magnetized and will be held in place by this drill attachment.

Whether you’re a professional or someone who just loves to DIY things, a screwdriver magnetic ring will be of great use to you.

Especially with making furniture or projects that involve a lot of screwing, you no longer have to bother yourself with having to use your other hand to hold the screw in.

It will make your work easier, faster, and less stressful.

Universal Socket Wrench

Sure, a drill can do more than just drilling holes. It can be a very versatile tool. However, its versatility can come at a cost.

You might have the right drill attachment for different types of work, but that could mean you would have to change the drill attachment depending on your need.

Having different drill attachments can both be an advantage and a disadvantage if there are different sizes or shapes of screws, bolts, and whatever else that you have to work with.

You’d then have to keep on changing each time you encounter a different type of fastener.

This can become a burden and will slow you down. With a universal socket wrench, you no longer have to worry with changing to a different drill attachment.

It can be all you will ever need to drill with various types of fasteners.

No matter the size or shape, you can work with it, and it can do the job properly.

Whether the fastener is a hex-shaped, square, cup hook, wing nut or other else, the universal socket wrench can easily work with any.

Even if the fastener is rusted or broken, this drill attachment can still do wonders.

That’s something even other wrenches can’t do. The drill attachment works by adjusting itself to the fastener with its steel spring pins.

Have this in your arsenal of drill attachments so you can get the work done faster.

You no longer have to go to your toolbox and search for any other wrenches.

Perhaps that’s the downside of this drill attachment, you’ll miss the feeling of always having the need to look for other wrenches in your toolbox.

Double Drill Driver Extension

A double drill driver extension comes in very handy, so you no longer have to keep on changing between two different types of drill.

Traditionally, you still have to remove the drill bit you’re currently using to the other one you’ll then have to use next.

We all know that it’s easier said than done.

With changing bits, you still have to dive into your toolbox, look for the right bit, remove the current one equipped to your drill and place in the new one.

That’s a lot of action for you just to change to a different drill bit. Changing multiple times will require a lot of time and a lot of work.

With a double drill driver extension, all you ever need to do is to flip the extension, lock it in place and you’re immediately ready to use the secondary drill driver.

You no longer need to do a lot of fuzz. Plus, this extension typically also comes in a set with different types of bits.

You no longer have to worry yourself with still having to purchase the right bits for the extension.

Flexible Extension for Screwdriver

You can find yourself working without encountering any trouble until you realize that you need to screw in some very tight spaces.

Either that or the area is just out of reach.

There are a lot of things that can be frustrating when using the drill and one of them is not being able to progress because you simply can’t get the job done due to hard to reach areas.

Whether it’s for doing repairs or whatever your reason may be, you’ll need something to assist you when you encounter that kind of problem.

This is where the flexible extension for screwdriver comes in.

It has a flexible shaft that you can adjust so you can get into any tight spaces or any other areas that would have been out of reach.

You no longer have to worry about getting into narrow spaces or not being able to progress with your project with a flexible extension.

It can be used for a lot of different scenarios. You can use it for a computer chassis, electrical appliances, furniture and many more.

The accessory gives you a more extended reach but more than that, it can be bent, folded or formed any way you like depending on how you’ll need it.

Reciprocating Saw

You should already know by now how drill attachments can completely modify the use of the drill.

From simply providing magnetism, becoming a very versatile wrench and improving reach, the drill can also be equipped with a reciprocating saw attachment.

Of course, there’s more to it than only that.

Typically, reciprocating saw attachment comes in a set with up to 3 or more different types of saw. Besides the reciprocating saw, the set may also include a woodworking jigsaw blade, metal file, and a woodworking reciprocating saw.

With it, you can do so much as you can cut into almost any type of material. You’ll have more tools for fabrication enabling you to do more with just one kind of attachment.

Cutting wood will be easier, it will be like cutting through butter.

You’ll also be able to cut through plastic and even metal. The best part? You get to do less work as the tool will significantly assist you with its reciprocating motion.

You may have the traditional saw, but it’s much easier and faster to use a drill attachment.

Deburring Tool Bit

After some modifications with your project, you can end up having some burr trouble. Of course, the burr will make it harder or even impossible for you to then place in fasteners.

It can be very troublesome and very challenging to fix, especially if the material is made of hardened steel.

Although you can use different tools to try and fix the problem, it may take up a lot of time and definitely a lot of work just to deal with it.

With a burr repair extension for your drill, you can easily solve this issue.

It’s useful on almost anything. You can use the extension on bits, pipes, rods, plastics, stocks and a lot more. It can even work on hardened steel.

It’s very easy to use, you can also hold on to the material you’ll work on while using your drill.

The burr repair extension is also very safe. It won’t injure or harm you even if you place it on your hand while the drill is turned on.

This dramatically lessens your chances of being in danger while trying to deal with burrs.

More than any cut hazard, there would also no longer be any fire hazard. Since no spark or a lot of heat will be produced, it’s impossible to have any fire. Another advantage is the time you will save using the extension.

With a file, you’d have to work on the burr for quite some time. It’s also labor intensive.

With the extension, you fix the problem in just seconds. There would be no wasted time with this drill extension.

Just equip the extension to the drill, place it on the burr and let it do its job. It can also work on different sizes.

Typically, it can go from a size 8″ bolt to a size 8 ¾ “bolt. It can be used for construction, plumbing, automotive, concrete, fabrication, etc.

If the burr has been one of your problems, have this drill extension and having a hard time with them will be a thing of the past.

Metal Cutter Drill Attachment

Another material that’s hard to work with is metal. Whether it be metal sheets or wires, it can get challenging and time-consuming to get work done when cutting them.

Although there are a lot of other tools intended for working with metal, you still get an advantage with a drill attachment.

A metal cutter drill attachment can do more than just the regular metal cutting tool.

This is because you no longer have to exert the same significant amount of work just to cut through.

With a metal cutter drill attachment, you can easily cut through the material like a knife through butter.

Plus, it’s easy, and you can easily cut through the metal in the direction you intended. With other tools, it can be extremely difficult, and your work might not even look clean.

With this drill attachment, you may clean cuts each time.

This also lets you work more safely. With the drill attachment, you won’t be getting in the way of the tool’s path.

There’s a secondary handle you can use for better control and ease of use. The drill attachment also allows you to work incredibly faster.

Within seconds, you can already do a lot of cuts. This is a must-have tool if you are going to work with metals.


These are but 7 of so many drill attachments you can have to make your drill extraordinarily versatile and more useful. Get a drill from our list here.

They help you with making your work easier, faster, and even more convenient.

If you regularly run into some trouble with your projects, we hope you found something in our list that would help you fix those issues.

There’s a lot more you can find out about drill attachments all over the internet.

If you don’t have any of the items included on our list yet, give them a go and see just how incredible they are.

Surely, they will be of great use to you, and you might even get to wonder why you never had them long before.

Let us know what you think about our list and share this with your friends.

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