How to Store Cordless Drill Batteries


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We all know that cordless tools provide numerous benefits. Cordless tools are portable, convenient, and ready to work whenever you are, and all of this becomes possible because of the batteries. We will teach how to store cordless drill batteries so you can get the most of them!

The life of batteries depends on how you be able to store it! So, if you want to use your batteries for more than a year, you should know the appropriate storing of cordless drill batteries.

The vital part for the cordless drill is the battery.

We cannot guarantee that the battery cells will have infinite life or won’t die, but this article can help you on how to keep your batteries life longer.

Having knowledge in storing and preserving your batteries in the right manner can help you to save your time and money.

Rechargeable Tool Batteries Do’s

Most of the drills that we can find in the market are using two types of batteries which are the Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) and Lithium-ion.

So, these are the following steps you should take and save your battery for an extended period:

• Keep The Battery Charged

A lithium-ion battery is very common for a cordless drill, but some drills may also come with Ni-Cad batteries, and a different approach is used depending on the type.

Lithium-ion (Li-On) batteries: It’s essential to recharge these batteries every time they are almost at 20% of their capacity. Lithium-ion batteries do not require to be completely discharged because they do not suffer from the memory effect like the Ni-Cad batteries do (which means that they do not lose their maximum charge capacity due to being recharged when they are only partially discharged). Partial discharges are also good for the Li-ion battery.

Ni-Cad battery: the aforementioned memory effect is a characteristic attribute of this battery, so this type of battery must be fully discharged and recharged just once in 20 to 30 days.

• Use The Battery Regularly

When you choose a cordless tool, you should always keep in your mind that batteries are designed to be used. The life of batteries decreases if you do not use the tools. Make sure you recharge the batteries before using them!

• Charge Batteries Completely

Always make sure that you fully charge the batteries, at least eight (8) hours of charging before using them! Most chargers have a built-in indicator for you to determine if the battery is completely or fully charged.

• Keep The Battery In A Dry and Cool Places

Make sure that you store your batteries in a dry and cool area. It is not required and necessary, to keep your batteries in a fridge.

• Store The Batteries Properly

The best place to store the batteries is in its original case, or a cushioned bag. Make sure to utilize or use the plastic caps that come with a battery to protect and keep the terminals from moisture, breakage or short-circuiting.

• Have a Backup Batteries Handy

We continuously advise you that you must have a 2nd battery charged and available for the cordless tool so that you can be able to switch it immediately mid-job.

• Protect Your Batteries

Always be careful with the cordless tool batteries for they won’t function if cracked or damaged.

Rechargeable Tool Battery Don’ts

If you do not want to repurchase a new battery, be sure to avoid the following things and we promise that your batteries will last and live longer:

• Don’t Leave Battery on Charger

Always remove the battery from its charger if it is completely full. If you charge your batteries too much, you might damage them and the life of your battery will become shorter. It is essential to be aware of this because not all chargers are automatically shut off when it fully charged. Some manufacturers (like DeWalt) have chargers that allow the batteries to stay in its charger without harm or risk. But make sure to check this!

• Do not Overheat Battery

Heat can easily damage any rechargeable batteries and can also cause them to blow up and explode. If the battery is too hot, let them cool first before using or recharging. Do not put the rechargeable batteries in an attic, hot car, or any hot storage area.

• Do Not Get Battery Wet

It’s important to store the batteries far away from moisture and water.

Battery Charging

Discharge your battery under regular use. Once you sense an absence of power immediately remove the batteries from a tool. DON’T tape its trigger ON.

Wait at least two hours until the batteries are at room temperature, and then put it in the charger.

Place the battery on its charger overnight to let the battery fully charge for each individual cell (At least 8 hrs. at room temperature).
These are standard procedures that will help you to avoid your battery damage and will make the life of your battery longer.

How to store cordless drill batteries when you’re not using it?

This is very important for the life of the battery, it’s better when you’re using it, at least once in every fifteen (15) days, but if this is not the case then you should know how you store your cordless drill batteries whenever you aren’t using them:

• If your batteries have plastic container protection, it will be a great way to put your batteries in that container. Always retain your batteries in a dry and cool area. But it is not advisable to store your batteries in the fridge!

• If you’re using Li-ion batteries, make sure that they’re not fully charged before storing. For Nickel batteries, it’s suggested to discharge them before storing.

• Ni-Cad battery loses charge rapidly. If you want to use them after a long period of time, be ready to charge these Ni-Cad batteries before you start to use them.

• On the other hand, Li-ion batteries maintain their charge longer, particularly if they’re retained it in a cool place.

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