What to Buy: Snow Cone Machine vs Shaved Ice Machine


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Snow cone machine and shaved ice machine are easy-to-make sweets that have been around for years. And show no signs of backing down in the near future. Crowd favorites and desserts that can be found at ball parks, carnivals, and other amusement parks. Yes, these delectable delights come in all sorts of flavors and colors.

snow cone machine

One must wonder, however, how these perfect little treats get their soft, snow-like texture. Is there a magical ice fairy who gives these frozen desserts their perfect consistency? Or, perhaps, there are snow trolls who work day and night to ensure that the ice is soft for good little boys and girls.

Neither of these theories are correct; the only magic at play here is that which comes from using snow cone machines and shaved ice machines.

What is a Snow Cone Machine?

A snow cone machine is a device that gives ice a crunchy, more easily-edible texture. It is the ideal machine to use when crushing ice for snow cones. These machines come equipped with revolving ice-shaving blades. A handle is positioned on the machine. This handle presses the ice into the blade, producing shaved ice.

As with most devices, you should exercise caution when operating a snow cone machine. Keep in mind that the machine’s blades are sharp, and the machine, itself, operates at high speeds. Being mindful of safety when operating a snow cone machine will ensure that your hands remain intact so that you can continue to pump out more delicious snow cones!

What is a Shaved Ice Machine?

Shaved ice machines are similar to snow cone machines. However, they output ice that is fluffy, rather than simply crunchy. In addition to outputting ice that has a snow-like texture, they can also produce ice that is cube-shaped.

Many shaved ice machines come equipped with a hand crank, making them easy to operate. Cleaning these machines is also a breeze, thanks to attached drip trays and the fact that ice is merely water, which ensures that it will never leave a huge mess. Operating the machine itself is also simple because it only requires that you turn the handle clockwise before applying a downward pressure.

Snow Cone Machine VS. Shaved Ice Machine

The main difference between the two machines is simply in the texture of the ice. As mentioned, snow cone machines produce ice that is crunchy while shaved ice machines produce very soft, fluffy ice.

Although snow cone machines and shaved ice machines each produce tasty treats. They offer consumers a very different choice of textures. Nevertheless, they are excellent resources when one is seeking to eat something sweet and frozen. If you happen to stop at a little shop or at a vender’s booth when at a carnival with your family, remembering the difference in the two machines will help you to know what you are eating: a crunchy snow cone or soft and fluffy shaved ice.

Even, if you like to make snow cones at your home with your own recipes, these information will help you to give better taste to your guest.

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