Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Gate Latch 2020


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Whether it’s a barn, a garden, or a backyard, you should always make sure that you secure it well. That’s where a gate latch comes in handy. However, with all the options available on the market, it might be challenging to make the right choice. If you’re looking for the best gate latch, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know before buying the best gate latch. Also, Here’s a simple guide on how to choose one based on all the essential aspects in a gate latch. Let’s dive in!

Top 8 Best Gate Latches Available on the Market

There are a lot of gate latches on the market with different styles, features, and more. To help you make the perfect decision, I’ve compiled a list of the best gate latches that you can find out there.

This list contains different types of gate latches so that you can pinpoint your ideal fit. Here’s a brief overview of each one of them!

Qualihome Automatic Gravity Lever Gate Latch

We are kicking off the list with one of the most popular gate latches in the market. The latch from Qualihome is made of powder-coated steel, which gives it an excellent level of durability, but it also means that it’s not ideal for wet air.

What makes this gate latch unique is that it has an automatic latching feature that makes it ideal for those who forget to close their gates often. To make the most of this locking mechanism, you need auto-closing hinges.

This level of security is ideal for the average backyard. However, if you’re wary about the gate security, you’ll need to add an extra padlock for confirmation.

The latch comes with all the needed parts to install it. It’s quite easy to install on all kinds of gates. The product is very well priced when you factor in the durability and self-locking features.


● Durable in dry conditions

● Auto-locking feature

● Comes with six furnished screws


● Steel will rust easily in humid conditions

Brass Valley Solid Cast Brass Black Flip Latch

Some people aren’t looking for super special features in the gate latch. Instead, they need something simple but functional. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this 4-inch flip latch from Brass Valley is for you!

As you might’ve expected, this flip latch is made of solid cast brass, which is one of the best materials to make a secure latch for a gate.

One of the remarkable things about this flip latch is that it’s rock solid thanks to the sturdiness of the brass, but also due to its five backing screws. These screws make this latch one of the strongest in its class.

Additionally, the brass latch is powder-coated, which gives it an extra kick against elements of weather, therefore contributing to its overall durability.

I also really like the design of the latch. It’s small enough to fit a lot of gates while staying durable and robust.


● Excellent level of security for its small size

● Made of powder-coated solid cast brass for weather resistance

● Ideal for a lot of gates, doors, and even cabinets


● Lacks a self-locking mechanism

National Hardware N165506 Sliding Bolt Gate Latch

If you’re looking for an excellent bolt-style latch, National Hardware has one of the most impressive ones. Let’s check it out.

This one is made of steel, which guarantees a high level of durability and sturdiness. However, unlike many iron latches in the market, this one is good against the weather. The reason behind that is the innovative WeatherGuard technologies used in manufacturing the latch.

Additionally, you can add a padlock to the gate latch for extra security. National Hardware offers the latch in a wide variety of finishes as well. 

Among such finishes are the galvanized steelzinc plated, and stainless steel. With these options, you can choose the finish that suits your style and needs the most. The latch can be fitted on both sides of the gate, which makes it highly functional.


● Compatible with padlocks

● Available in different finishes

● Fits on both sides


● Some users complained about lack of accessory bolts

National Hardware LokkLatch Automatic Gate Latch

Another product from National Hardware, which gives you an insight into the level of quality the door hardware company offers in its latches.

Unlike the previous one, this gate latch is one of the most advanced options that you can find on the shelves.

The latch is made of a blend of durable glass fiber polymers and stainless steel inner parts. This detail adds to the level of sturdiness and resistance it has against elements of weather.

LokkLatch is an automatic gate latch, which is ideal for seniors who tend to forget about their gates. Also, the latch is lockable by key entry. It comes with two keys, which is perfect for extra security.

The latch comes with side fixing legs. These legs make the installation process much more comfortable. Moreover, you can fix it vertically or horizontally, thanks to the adjustable MagnaLatch technology.

One of the best things about this solid latch is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, therefore allowing for a worry-free purchase.


● Innovative self-locking mechanism

● Has a keyed entry

● Easy to install and use


● Premium price tag

Hearth Creek Black Barn Farm Gate Latch

(out of stock)

Hearth Creek is a simple looking yet highly convenient gate latch. It has a hinge that rotates in full 360-degree motion that enables the latch to be secured on either side of a gate. Not only that, but it also makes it ideal for full-range open doors, such as barns gates.

The gate latch is made of durable steel, which gives it a considerable boost in terms of durability. 

Also, the finish on the gate gives it an artisan touch, which is excellent for both antique style backyards and barns as well as modern household gates. Its simple style is also suitable for indoor locking.


● Durable build

● Versatile aesthetics

● You can install them on either side of the gate.


● Comes with screws that are suitable for wood only

Raswik 4” Privacy Hook and Eye Latch

If you’re on the hunt for the simplest latch to keep your gate looking without poking a hole in your wallet, Raswik’s latch is your way to go!

With its simple hook and eye design, it’s super simple to install and use. It might be too simple, as children can quickly figure out how it works. 

The simple design also makes it compatible with a wide variety of gates, including wood, metal, and vinyl gates.

Instead, it works as an excellent barn’s or pet house’s latch. The latch is made of highly durable steel with double powder coating, which gives it an extraordinary resistance when used outdoors.


● Ideal for buyers on a budget

● Double layer of powder coating

● Backed by a lifetime replacement policy


● Not suitable for houses with children

NIDAYE Self-Locking Post Mount Gravity Gate Latch

NIDAYE’s gravity gate latch is one of the high-end gate latches that you can find. The latch has a self-locking feature that releases without hassle.

The gate latch is made of sturdy steel, as well as the furnished screws, for the longevity of the latch, primarily when used indoors. Another good thing about this gate is that it’s compatible with wooden and metal gates.

By the look of it, you might think that this gate latch is a bit complex. However, the latch is pretty easy to install, whether it’s on the left or right. The gate latch is about 9 inches, which is excellent for bigger gates.


● A great option for large gates

● Good value for money

● Comes with 12 furnished screws for easy installation

● Compatible with padlocks.


● A bit pricey

Alise MS9001 Stainless Steel Flip Latch Gate Latches

If you’re on a budget, Alise MS9001 is one of the best budget-friendly options in the market. For a highly affordable price, you’ll have a simple gate latch that doesn’t require any particular skill to be installed.

However, it’s not as durable as some of the other products on the list. Instead, it’s ideal for those who are looking for a simple latch for the door rather than security.

The latch is operated manually, so it’s essential to be careful not to forget about it. 

The latch is made of long-lasting stainless steel, which makes it a good option for those who live by the sea. It will resist rust spots for years without tedious maintenance or cleaning.


● Budget-friendly price

● Long-lasting latch with stainless steel finish

● Easy installed and needs no maintenance


● Not ideal for those who are looking for security

Types of Gate Latches

While looking for a new latch for your gate, you’ll find that there are a lot of varieties to choose from. To make the right decision, you need to have a better understanding of these options and how each one of them works.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most popular types that you’re going to come across while shopping for a gate latch.

Bolt Latches

Let’s start with the simplest type of latches that you can find out there. Bolt latches are the traditional standard of fence and gate latches. Bolt latches work by sliding the bolt in and out of a catch.

These types of latches are usually the easiest to install and require almost little to no skill. As a result, you can expect a minimal level of security when it comes to bolt latches.

Besides their ease of use, these latches are least expensive and come in different sizes and materials. Also, they’re usually not bulky, so they look the best on fences.

They’re considered a one-sided latch, as it can only be unlocked from one side. However, it has no actual locking ability, since anyone can slide it open. To secure the latch, you usually need to add a padlock.

Gravity Latch

Gravity latch is a broad category that includes different models. However, all these models depend on a similar kind of mechanism.

Similar to bolt latches, it utilizes the idea of a latch arm and a catch. The difference is that instead of using sliding action to keep it in place, these use gravity, where the end falls inside the catch.

They don’t have a specific price range as they vary from extremely simple models to automatic ones. You can also find lockable models for extra security.

Despite being easier to use, the only problem with gravity latches is that simple models don’t provide as much security as other types.

These latches are always a double-sided option, so you can unlock them from either side of the gate. You can also use them with both in-swing and out-swing doors by merely reversing the installation side.

When it comes to ease of installation, it depends on the model. For example, thumb gate latches are usually an easy one to install. However, they only work with in-swing gates.

Spring-Loaded Latch

Spring-loaded latches are usually more expensive than the other types. As the name suggests, these latches use a spring to provide a smooth latching action. 

They’re available in different materials and complexity levels. The less complex the latch is, the more comfortable for you to install it and the less security it provides. This depends mainly on the model you’re using.

The spring inside the latch pushes the latch arm towards closure instead of using your hand pressure to lock it.

Unlike bolt latches, this type is usually double-sided. This means that you can easily open the gate from both sides.

As a rule of thumb, spring-loaded gate latches are most commonly used with in-swing doors. However, some spring latches work with out-swing doors by reversing the installation.

What are the Best Materials for Gate Latches

When it comes to construction materials, there’s a wide variety of options to go with. The most popular materials that you’ll find in the market are iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and brass.

Each one of these materials has its own set of advantages. Here’s a quick rundown on each of them.


Iron is by far the most commonly used material in the construction of gate latches. It’s usually the most durable option to go with. The most common forms of iron used are wrought iron and cast iron to provide maximum integrity. They’re also highly affordable.

Despite its rigidity, iron is easily affected by elements of weather, which causes rusting, chipping, and breakage. For that reason, they usually have an extra coat of protection known as “powder coating

Iron isn’t ideal for people living in places with highly corrosive environments. For example, seaside houses are exposed to a large amount of humidity, so they should look for a more resistant alternative.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the best alternatives to cast and wrought iron. It has a good level of durability when compared to iron. However, it provides much better resistance to corrosion than iron.

There’s also some powder-coated stainless steel for extra protection, which is an ideal combination for those who live by the beach with strong wind.


Aluminum is similar to stainless steel in many aspects. It’s a more affordable option with a remarkable level of corrosion resistance.

It’s usually shiny silver in color with no added protective layers. The material is known for its lightweight features, which can be a bit of a downside for gate latches. The low durability makes it easier to break when compared to other materials.


Brass has been widely used in colonial times for a wide variety of reasons. However, it’s a rare sight to find a gate latch with brass construction nowadays.

Currently, it’s more commonly used for its aesthetic rather than its characteristics, as it tarnishes over time. However, you can easily maintain its luster by applying a UV urethane coating layer to the metal.


Bronze is one of the best materials to use for a gate latch. It has an excellent level of durability and resistance to elements of weather, such as humidity and wind.

Also, it maintains its luster for a relatively long time. However, it can darken over time into a reddish-brown copper-like color. After that, it shows some faint hues of green. You can easily prevent this by covering the metal with a layer of wax annually.

Things to Consider While Shopping for a Gate Latch

As you know, the type and material of the gate latch you’re going to use are crucial aspects to consider. However, there are other points that you need to keep in mind while looking for a new latch for your gate.

Let’s have a more in-depth look at some of these aspects.

Ease of Installation

It’s essential to make sure that the latch comes with all the needed accessories for installation. 

If you’re aiming for a complex one, make sure that it comes with simple installation instructions that’s easy to follow and apply.


Gate latches are great for security. However, not all gate latches require a maximum security-like closure. 

Different mechanisms of latches offer various levels of security. The more secure the latch, the more it might cost you. Make sure that you consider the level of protection you need, so you can get what you need.


Some latches allow you to install them on either side of the wall. Moreover, some latches can be installed vertically or horizontally.

This feature is only present in certain types of latches. If your door opens in a 180-degree angle, this will help you open it to the max, which is ideal for barn gates.

How to Install a Gate Latch?

Luckily, almost every manufacturer makes sure that the latches are easy to install. Here’s a simple guide about all the tools and steps you need to install your new gate latch.

Prepare Your Tools

First, you need to gather all the required equipment to get the job done. Almost all gate latches come with the installation screws and parts.

Generally, you’ll need the following items, which are all readily available:

●     Drill

●     Measuring tape or ruler

● Pencil or Marker

●     Gloves

●     Safety glasses

Measure the Dimensions of Your New Latch and Bar

The first thing you need to do is measure the dimension of the new latch system. After that, you should mark these points on where you’ll install the latch.

Drill Holes for the Screws

With everything marked where it’ll be installed, it’s time to drill some holes. Don’t forget to use all the safety measures to avoid injuries and burns.

Make sure that you use a drill bit of a similar size to keep the screws firmly squeezed in position. Also, keep your hands steady, so you don’t widen the holes.

Install the Bar and Latch

With the holes ready for installing, start with the bar. Fit it as a market and start adding screws one by one.

Fixing the latch depends on the type of latch you’re using. Most latches come with a user manual to guide you through this process.

How to Install a Thumb Latch on a Gate

Thumb latches are one of the most common gate latches. They work in a pretty simple yet interesting way.

All thumb latches have a thumb depressor that’s usually mounted above the plate on the outer part of the door. To unlock a thumb latch gate, you need to push your thumb down that depressor.

This activates the latch-arm on the other side and lets you open the door or gate. Installing a thumb is an easy process. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. Put the catch (latch’s body) on the gate post to mark its holes.
  2. Drill these holes carefully
  3. Measure the size of the latch itself
  4. Position the latch slightly above the marked catch to allow free motion of the thumb depressor
  5. Mark the space for the thumb depressor
  6. Test the distances and make sure that it catches comfortably
  7. Drill the other holes carefully
  8. Install the latch with screws
  9. Make a final test run before you tighten all the screws.

Wrap Up

There you have it—a complete guide with everything you need to know about gate latches and how to install them.

As you can see, there are many types of latches to secure your gate, so it’s all about your personal preferences and needs.

If you’re looking for the best overall gate late in the market, I recommend going for National Hardware LokkLatch Automatic Keyed Gate Lock Latch. The advanced latch locks automatically and is easy to install and use. Also, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

However, if you’re looking for a simple latch to get the job done, Alise MS9001 Stainless Steel Flip Latch Gate Latches should be an excellent pick for you. It’ll keep your gate secured without costing you an arm and a leg.

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